Articles in Progress:

The Tragihero and His Golden Foil: Masculinity, Exile, Shame, and Suicide in James Baldwin’s Another Country and Sophocles’ Ajax

Online Articles:

“We See You, Race Women” Public Books, June 5, 2018.

“In the Crawlspace: Hill, Franken, and #MeToo Pain.” The A-Line Journal, February 6, 2018.

“Slutwalk From the Margins,” The Feminist Wire, October 31, 2011

“Fitting in, In Beijing.”  The Feminist Wire, September 02, 2011

“On Her Birthday:  Octavia Butler, The Mountain Climber,” The Feminist Wire, June 22, 2011

“Compassionate Feminism,” The Feminist Wire, June 1, 2011

“The Wrong One Let In,” The Feminist Wire, March 11, 2011

“An Open Letter to Judge Cosgrove,” The Feminist Wire, January 31, 2011

“There is Nothing Funny About Rape, But…” The Feminist Wire, January 21, 2011